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Penalty Fares

Information about Northern Rail's penalty fares scheme

What are Penalty Fares?

Penalty Fares are issued when a passenger gets on a train without a valid rail ticket or Promise to Pay notice at a station where ticket buying facilities are available.

The penalty is the greater of £20 or twice the full single fare from the station where they boarded to the next station the train stops at. If the passenger wishes to continue to travel beyond the next station, they must also pay the relevant fare from that station to their final destination on top.


When will a Penalty Fare be charged?

Penalty Fares will be issued to passengers if they:

-  travel without a valid rail ticket

-  are unable to produce an appropriate railcard or discount card for a discounted ticket

-  are aged 16 or over, travelling on a child rate ticket

-  travel beyond the destination on the ticket


What is a Promise to Pay notice and how do I get one?

The Promise to Pay notice allows a customer to board a train with the intention of exchanging the notice at the first opportunity with a fare collector, or at the next available ticket office. The ticket offices at Bishop Auckland and Darlington accept cash, while the ticket office is open there is no need to obtain a Promise to Pay notice, you should buy your ticket from the ticket office if you are unable to pay by credit/debit card. When the ticket office is closed, a Promise to Pay notice must be obtained from the ticket vending machine on the platform.




If you board a train without a valid ticket or Promise to Pay notice, you may have to pay a Penalty Fare.

If it is shown that your intention was to avoid your fare, then you are breaking the criminal law and you may be liable for prosecution.



For more information about Penalty Fares on Northern, please contact Northern's Customer Experience Centre or see the links below.

Telephone:  0800 200 6060 (Calls are free)

Email:  [email protected]



Information on this page is intended as a guide and should not be considered a complete or authoratitive statement of the law or regulations.

Other train operating companies may have their own Penalty Fares schemes, this guide only covers the scheme enforced on the Bishop Line by Northern.