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Unusual train workings through Bishop Auckland

DSCN8643 DSCN8534 DSCN8691 DSCN8665

An interesting trio of locomotives passed Bishop Auckland on 26th June 2012 heading for  Wolsingham depot.


At the head of the group was 56311, followed by 33103 "Swordfish" and 31601.


Photo: David Million

Bank Holiday Monday 27th August 2012 saw a Pathfinder charter from Shrewsbury to Stanhope headed by two DRS class 20 locomotives pass through Bishop Auckland.  


The locos 20308 & 20312 headed a 12 coach train up the Eastgate branch for a very brief visit to Stanhope. Left photo is the outward service, right photo is the return service.


Photos: David Million

The coal train from Wolsingham is now a regular sight at Bishop Auckland running everyday except Sundays and Bank Holidays to Ratcliffe or Scunthorpe.


Colas Rail Freight run the service which is normally hauled by one of their class 66 locomotives.


On 15th August 2012  following the failure of Colas class 66 (66847) the previous day, the train was hauled by Freighliner owned class 66 (66413) which was still bearing the livery of its former owner, Direct Rail Services.


Photo: David Million

The Shit House Express

Below: Having passed through Bishop Auckland station 10 minutes earlier the Polar Express stock is seen at Enginemans Terrace, Witton le Wear, headed by Class 56 No 56303 and Class 45 No 45133 on Tuesday 13th November 2012.


The rake consisted of a bizzarely colourful range of ten Mk 2 coaches.


It is believed that this is the first time a Class 45 "Peak" locomotive has visited the Bishop Auckland and Eastgate branch.   Photo: Stuart Watters

IMG_3285 IMG_3289

Tuesday 22nd January 2013 saw an interesting trio of locomotives leaving the Eastgate branch enroute to Langley Mill and Burton-on-Trent.  The train, operating under headcode 0Z56 consisted of 56301, 33103 "Swordfish" and Peak 45133.  Photos Stuart Watters.


Whilst not an "unusual" working, being a regular operation through Bishop Auckland, the coal train from Wolsingham to Scunthorpe is pictured in an attractive winter setting, passing the station on the connecting line between Network Rail and the Eastgate branch on Tuesday 22nd January 2013. Photo: Stuart Watters.


Tuesday 5th February 2013 Class 47 47580 "County of Essex" seen passing through Bishop Auckland with 5Z47 Empty Coaching Stock to Dereham.  Photo: David Million

DSCN9068 IMG_3293 IMG_3296

Wednesday 6th February 2013 saw the Network Rail track inspection train visit Bishop Auckland after having travelled from York and Whitby.  Running under headcode 1Q13 the train is seen arriving into Bishop Auckland with Class 37 loco 37605 at the head (above).  37607 (right) headed the train eastbound from Bishop Auckland.  Photos: Stuart Watters

60009 at BIA 15.05.2013

Wednesday 15th May 2013 saw A4 No 60009 "Union of South Africa" pass through Bishop Auckland heading Steam Dream's Cathedrals Express which had departed Stanhope an hour earlier enroute to Wensleydale Railway, North Yorkshire Moors Railway and Whitby.


Photo: Martin Jones

Double Headed Coal 12.07.2013

A rare sight of a double headed coal train was witnessed on  Friday 12th July 2013 following a locomotive failure the previous day.


Colas Class 66 locos 66848 & 66849 "Wylam Dilly" seen awaiting permission to enter the Network Rail section.


Photo: David Million

31190 Thursday 220813 56312

Friday 27th September 2013 


DCR Class 56 No 56312 "Jeremiah Dixon"  departing the  Eastgate Branch enroute to York with coal empties.


Photo: David Million


Friday 3rd January 2014


DCR Class 31 No 31452 waiting to leaving the Eastgate branch with 56311 at the back enroute to Washwood Heath Depot.


Photo: Stuart Watters

DSCN9735 DSCN9726

Wednesday 12th November 2014


DCR Class 56 No 56103 seen entering the Eastgate branch with coaching stock for the Weardale Railway Polar Express.


Photo: David Million

Thursday 20th November 2014


DCR Class 56 No. 56303 waiting to leaving the Eastgate branch enroute to

Washwood Heath Depot.  Photo: Stuart Watters

Unlike other "railway photographers" we are happy to share our images without any restrictions and we are more than happy for these to be copied, distributed or otherwise used as you, the viewer, sees fit - enjoy!